Sunday, 9 December 2012

Six Month Birthday

I can hardly believe my little boy is half a year old already! He's changed in so many little ways this past month, and it all adds up to me feeling that he's so grown up all of a sudden.

At six months....

Sebastian is still a very social little boy. When we are around older kids, he loves watching them play. He kicks his feet and hold his arms out, shaking his hands, like he wants to join in. When we are out in the world he intently watches everything that's going on and he'll stay awake and alert a lot longer than if we were just at home.

He mostly only fusses if he's tired or hungry. But also if you make the mistake of engaging with him (talking to or looking at him) and then walking away when he wasn't done with the conversation. This makes him very sad and likely to just bursts into tears.

He can definitely tell me and Loren apart. As far as he's concerned, Dad is his go-to guy when he's feeling playful. But if he's tired or hungry it's usually Mom he wants, especially at the end of the day.

He's getting very close to being able to sit up on his own, but he still needs someone to sit behind him for support.

He's started playing around with solid food about a week ago; most of it ends up all over the outside of him, the chair, and the floor at this point. His favorites so far are banana and watermelon.

He's ticklish under the chin, especially when you lift his chin up to wipe his neck with a wash cloth at bath time. Raspberries on the tummy are still a favorite too. If he's in the right mood his feet are ticklish as well.

He loves it when I take a piece of cloth (blanket, towel, etc.) and wave it back and forth in front of his face. He wiggles and giggles and squeals gleefully. I think it's a combination of the way it looks and the breeze it makes, blowing his hair around. He also loves it if you wiggle a toy in front of him but just out of reach. He kicks his feet, waves his hand around, and makes little excited noises. He also loves it if you hold him over your head and almost-not-quite toss him up and catch him. This always gets a huge smile and a giggle.

The first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is start to babble. The second thing he does is look over at Dad to see if he's awake. If he is, they have a little cuddle before Sebastian and I get out of bed.

He hasn't had another check up yet, but my tape measurer says he's 71 cm long, and my arms can attest that he's surely getting heavier every day. His eyes are grey-blue with flecks of brown, and his hair is a sort of straw color, maybe headed towards blond.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Five Months

After, oh my goodness, over a year, I am going to try to revive this blog. It will, as always, be about our life here in the Antipodes, and yes a lot of that right now will be about our son.  

Five Month Birthday
At five months....

Sebastian always has a smile for anyone willing to make eye contact and engage with him, including store clerks, strangers in the mall, etc. But after a smile, he sometimes get shy and turns his head, hiding his face on my shoulder.

When he's tired or hungry, he gets cranky and he tells you about it, oh yes. Sometimes he gets screechy and I call him Screecher Creature. Sometimes he gets fussy and I call him Professor Fusser. After a good feed and nap, though, he's bright eyed again and ready to play.

One of his latest tricks is pushing up onto his hands when on his tummy. He has also started 'standing' with one of us holding him steady.

Raspberries on the tummy are the best way to make him laugh. He also thinks it's hilarious when I make gibberish noises, copying his sounds. Kisses on the face and neck always make him smile.

He doesn't like loud, sudden noises when he's feeling tired. And he doesn't like getting his arms put through sleeves when getting dressed. 

This first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is either blow raspberries or start 'talking.' This morning he woke up saying 'guh.' Then he grabs my hand and sticks a finger into his mouth. He's happy doing that for a while, but I try to get him out of bed before he wakes his dad up too much.

As of his last Pluknet visit yesterday, he is 70cm long (27.5 inches) and weighs 7.6kgs (16.7 pounds).