Wednesday, 1 August 2007

On where to - and whether to - begin

It seems that suddenly I know a lot of folks on Blogger. I was already considering checking it out when I realized that via Gmail I already had an account, so I figured I may as well give it a shot. I am hoping this blog might solve a problem. The problem of keeping in touch with a long list of friends and family. I technically have two blogs already. The problem is this:

1) Live Journal, while technically a blog, is something I use as my personal journal, somewhere I can write whatever I feel like, and therefore I'm cautious about who I give the URL to.

2) I joined My Space because everyone and their mother is on it, so its useful for keeping in touch. But it's awful for blogging.

My intent is for this blog to be about me, and Loren, and our adventures in New Zealand. Something the people that know us might find interesting. Something to help answer the impossible question of how to keep in touch with everyone we know who now live so far away.

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William & Stacey said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Like you, my thinking was that a blog is a good way to keep people back in the States up on the latest. A surprising side benefit has been that we've met a lot of people here in New Zealand as a result of them happening across the blog. So, that's pretty neat.

In regards to what I use it for and what I write about...I find that I censor myself quite a bit. I don't always have the freedom to say what I am truly feeling at the time. I tend to paint a rosy picture, even if its not 100% perfect. The reason I do it is because the "Moms" back home are reading it, and I don't want them to worry. Also, New Zealand is not perfect and sometimes I feel compelled to gripe a bit, but I hold my tongue. Not sure why. Paranoia, I guess. Afraid they might kick me off the North Island. =)