Friday, 28 September 2007

classic rock

It seems the radio stations here have a slightly different idea of which classic rock songs have withstood the test of time. I have heard "The Final Countdown" while shopping more times than I can count at this point. It always makes me think of Arrested Development... and a certain cousin of mine, of course. I've also heard an unreasonable number of Poison and Guns & Roses songs.... along with a wide assortment of other songs I used to know well but haven't heard since the 80's. Loren theorized its to be expected in a country that sill thinks Crowded House is pretty fantastic (and totally a Kiwi band despite the Australians trying to claim them).

I can't help thinking that a certain other cousin of mine (who is still in love with Bon Jovi) would feel right at home here. Still, I feel that way about every single person I miss. It seems I can think of some way each of them would fit right in. Perhaps it is wishful thinking, or that I'd like to share what this place has to offer. But it is also that this place has a lot going for it, and being tucked away at the edge of the earth as it were, I feel like no one back in the states really realizes this.

Would you - yes you there, reading this post - would you like to know why you'd feel right at home here? Send me an email or post a reply and I'll be happy to tell you.


Spikey said...

tell me! tell me!

Heather said...

Spikey - that would be cheating! Well, alright, if you insist:

1) You will have your pick of IT jobs

2) You have never lived by the sea before and you will find it endlessly fascinating (despite the indignities of wearing a wetsuit)

3) You will have all sorts of new and exotic ingredients to experiment with in the kitchen (some of them hiding right in your back yard!)

4) Good beer, good pubs, and good restaurants.

5) Locals will just love the way you say 'squirrel'

There you go.... how'd I do?

Spikey said...

spot on

Spikey said...

oh, and I'd probably meet lot's of interesting people

(I presume, if I were to make the move that is)

Jane said...

Your challenge appeals to my ego. Maybe you could expand this into one of those personality tests. You know,"What Type of Kiwi Are You?" Anyway, please tell. Why would NZ be a good home for Jane Townley? (BTW, my dog's venison diet is farmed there according to the IVD rep who swears you guys don't have Wasting Disease in your hemisphere.)

Heather said...

Jane - I've been thinking about you today. I know a lot about you as a vet tech. I know you've been interested in race horses ever since you were a kid, and that's what got you into this field in the first place. I know you've got a microchip in your forearm that you put there to prove a point about the cruelty of microchipping awake shelter animals. I know a lot about you as a vet tech, and in this area I can tell you about why you'd fit in here. But in thinking this over, I've realized I don't know as much about the rest of your life as I assumed I did. I can't even remember if you're a vegetarian. SO, in order to give you the full report on why you'd love NZ and NZ would love you, please tell me:

1) what kind of food do you like?

2) What kind of things are you interested/ do you like to do outside of animal stuff?

Becky and Niels said...

And your parents? What would they like other than YOU are there?