Monday, 22 April 2013

Ten Months

My parents headed back to Hawaii on Sebastian's ten month birthday. Then he came down with a cold, so his parents were exhausted and busy and pretty much that's why this update is so late. He's ten months and thirteen days old today.

I'll do my best to think back to what he was up to thirteen days ago. Yes, when it comes to babies things really do change that fast.

So, at ten months...

Sebastian is an energetic little baby, always wanting to move and check everything out. He's got an easy smile around those he knows, but can be a bit more cautious around strangers. He still loves watching other babies and small children, and making friends with them. He's a little more able to interact with other babies now beyond just pulling their hair. He likes to hand them things, one of his new favorite things to do with grown ups too.

He still loves games of chase; He can now do this crawling instead of holding someone's hands to walk. He also likes to play "where is it?" He or I hide an object under a blanket, in a basket, etc. and he finds it and olds it up, grinning at me and I say "there it is!"

He's still not a fan of nappy changes, and it's hard to get him to sit still long enough to get his clothes either on or off.

Sebastian had just started consistently hands-and-knees crawling when he turned ten months. His unique "scooch" is gone! He had been pointing at things that caught his interest for a couple of weeks already, and he had just started handing us things. He can also wave, but he mostly does this at the dinner table. That's where he was when he worked out how to do it, and now he thinks that's what you do when you're at the table!

He's working on his two front teeth coming in at the moment, making a total of six little teeth now. He weighs 9.3kgs and is 75 centimeters long.

Taking is photo is getting harder, he's usually either a blur....

 Or pointing emphatically at the camera because he wants to play with it...

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