Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fifteen month update

So the 14 month post didn't happen, due to a combination of my parents leaving and colds and teething. Sebastian wasn't sleeping very well and I didn't have a lot of free time.

At fifteen months...

 Helping grandma make salad

Sebastian loves to "help" with household chores. He can help me push the laundry basket around, take things in and out of the washing machine (sometimes the wrong things. he recently put a book in there that got washed). He can push the button to make the washing machine go, and he can attempt hanging things on our indoor clothes line (with various results). He loves to "help" with dishes, mostly playing in the water and with the various kitchen utensils and generally getting water everywhere. He loves to play with the broom and gets excited whenever I sweep (partly because he likes to scavenge off the c crumbs I sweep up in the kitchen). He likes to help with wiping down counters and tables, and  with help of the step stool (which he can now get on himself) he can 'help' with cooking (mostly sampling ingredients but he did help me layer the lasagna the other day). 

Helping with the laundry

 Sebastian and his bear really getting into the laundry

 Playing with the broom

Sebastian is still not a fan of nappy changes, or vacuum cleaners. He's shy in new situations or around strangers, sticking close to me at first. But he warms up eventually, first wanting to grab my hand and explore with me, and then getting braver on his own. He's still a terrific tease, loving to pretend to give you something, or pretend he wants to put something back (like the cap on the marker) and then when you head towards him, he backs up and wants you to chase him. 

He's learned some new signs, including: bear, phone, ball and where. He uses "where" with another favourite game: He hides something, then signs "where?" and when you say "where is it?" he retrieves it, looking quite pleased with himself. In fact, hiding things is another favourite activity, popular hiding places right now include out the cat door, inside a pillow case, and in the washing machine. He's also come up with a game he can play with the cat. If the cat is down stairs, Sebastian sits at the top of the stairs and throws balls through the safety gate. The balls bounce, the cat chases them, and Sebastian gets to interact with the cat in a way that the cat doesn't hate. I now keep a bag of balls at the top of the stairs for him.

Singing "cat"

Signing "bear" and saying "buh"

He's also getting more into books. He like to point to things and get you to tell him what they're called. He also likes to point things out if he has a word and/or sign for them (dog, bird, cat, shoes, and hat come up a lot).

Cuddling Daddy but not ready to let go of his book

Sebastian just had his 15 month check up yesterday. He weighs 10.2 kilograms and is 82 centimeters tall. Unsurprisingly, he continues to be quite tall for his age!

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