Friday, 30 January 2015

Look here's some cute photos

   The mobile app I was using to update this blog on my phone stopped working. I'm downloading a new one right now, but in the mean time I've gotten behind on my mini-posts. So to make up for it, here's some cute photos of Sebastian playing hide in the space between his old cot mattress (now used as a floor cushion) and its fitted sheet.

    New hair cut courtesy of our friend Ange. I swear his eyes look even bigger now. We were playing that the mattress and cover were a pita bread, and he was the filling! He's really getting into imaginative play right now, which is so much fun.

      He discovered my nail polish a couple weeks ago. He's put I don't know how many layers of polish on his nails and mine since then. He can be very careful with it, when he tries, even wiping the excess polish off the brush on the inside of the bottle.

    He kept wanting me to take pictures of him when he was completely covered up with the sheet, and then he wanted to look at them. I don't know why he found that so fascinating.

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