Thursday, 23 April 2015

Air Bender

  Lately Sebastian and I have been watching a lot of Avatar: The Last Air Bender, a kid appropriate show that Loren and I like and already had in our collection. So the other day Sebastian decided he was Ang, an Air Bender, and I was a Fire Bender. We did a lot of make believe on that theme, and then in the evening, he noticed the clothes hanger pole, the one he had insisted on pulling out of his closet a few days ago.

(On that occasion, he started pulling on the pole and asked for my help. I said "no, I think it should stay there" and walked away. He got it out on his own. Later, I noticed a few items he has mysteriously gotten down from a high shelf in the nursery. The next morning he proudly told me "I fished that down with my fishing pole!" and gave me a demonstration with the clothes hanger pole.)

  So he grabbed the pole and said "this is my glider!" He very carefully carried it around like Ang carries his glider in Avitar. It was a vast improvement over his previous use for the pole!

  The next morning, I had gotten up before him. He came wandering out into the dinning room where I was, carrying the pole, and announced:

"I'm still that air bender and this is still my glider! "

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