Friday, 22 February 2008

Update to A Strange Tale

I went for a stroll just now to see if those things we saw last night were a still there. (and to take photos so I'd have proof I wasn't just making things up)

I found the strange statue was still there, and was indeed a statue. I was comforted to see I wasn't the only one startled by the new addition. I saw many a person pause to inspect it. There were some pier-diving kids nearby. Here, a boy demonstrates how well the thing is bolted down:
(I feel since the boy willingly jumped into my shot, and since you can't see his face, this photo is fair game here)

There were no dancing shadows, of course, as it was daytime, but I saw the boxes with the lights in them all locked up but still there, so maybe they will be back again tonight?

The circus tents were still set up in front of the New Zealand stock exchange:
Meanwhile the building that seems to have popped up over night in Frank Kitts Park, while still a bit mysterious, seems to be part of the Pacific Blue festival, which starts tomorrow. (and you can bet I'll be stopping by to check it out)
On the way back, the statue was still drawing plenty of attention. The crowd of kids in bathing suits had grown, and I saw one boy climb onto the thing's shoulders to get more height before jumping into the water.

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Dawn said...

All easily explainable!

The statues are part of Fringe: Temporary Monuments

And the shadows you see on Te Papa are part of the NZ International Arts Festival: Body Movies

There are several musical acts going on at the Pacific Blue Festival Club (thanks for taking a pic of it- I was wondering why I had never known of a Club in the middle of Frank Kitts Park!!!) - we plan to see this one: Irish Fiddler