Sunday, 30 March 2008

Rainy Sunday Morning

Finally, a proper rainy day. Woke up too early, though, feeling kinda crumby due to the two glasses of wine and the staying up a bit too late. May as well get up. First order of business was tasty baked goods from Pandoro, and a coffee for Loren. I'm obsessed with the blueberry muffins at the moment, they are perfect and not too sweet. Forgot to grab a free biscotti, though. Oh well. Back to the apartment, Loren still fast asleep of course. Now, the eternal Kiwi breakfast beverage question: tea, or Milo? I'm not sure what's more worrisome: the fact it seemed perfectly reasonable to me to buy a 1 kilo tin of Milo, or the fact we've finished it off already. Tea it is, then. I've currently been doing a combo of roast mate and vanilla red. I'm thinking how these are precisely the type of small luxuries I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find in New Zealand. It turns out mostly you can find just about any type of little shop I may have been missing from the Bay Area, it's just there's only one and it may take half a year to stumble upon it. Back to my computer, and I'm not surprised to hear the scavenger hunt has been postponed. Met Service is saying eighteen degrees and rainy; there's rain droplets on the webcam. I have to admit, part of me is relieved. After a long day at work and a late night out with the co-workers, I could really use a quiet day at home with my sweetie.

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