Wednesday, 26 March 2014

21 Months Update (Where Did The Summer Go?)

I have been neglectful of this blog, I know, but it's been a busy summer. Full of trips to the beach, little excursions, gardening, and generally spending time outside with Sebastian whenever possible. In Spring, my parents fenced in our little patch of grass, making it toddler-safe. This Summer, they made the deck leading out to the grass safer, too. This made the hugest difference for us this Summer, because we could finally open the door in the living room and just walk outside and explore the yard. And finally we could leave that door open and get some air flow through our house on a hot day.

Sebastian, at 21 Months:

At Lindale Farm, "riding" the tractor with Daddy. He is saying "vrrrrrrrr!"

I actually had to go back a few weeks to find a picture where Sebastian is looking directly at the camera. He is a very busy little boy, and most of my shots of him recently look more like this:

 Checking out the paints at Playcentre

I got a smart phone over the Summer specifically because I wanted a decent camera that I could take with me everywhere and that wouldn't be too distracting to Sebastian when I used it. I have been using the camera phone exclusively since I got it, and it takes great pictures. Most importantly it has allowed me to take far more pictures in more situations than I ever would have with my big, bulky SLR.

At 21 Months, Sebastian is playful, busy, interested in everything, and has a great sense of humour. He loves to tease you and make you laugh. One of his new favourite jokes is to call something the wrong word or call someone the wrong name. It's so clear when  he's doing it on purpose because he gets this mischievous smile on his face, and because it's something you know he knows the right words for. For instance:

Sebastian: (points at his father) Tutu! (what he calls my mom)
Me: That's not Tutu, that's Daddy!
Sebastian: (points at Tutu) Daddy!
Tutu: I'm not Daddy, I'm Tutu!

.... And so on. He also does this with characters in his favourite books, with colours, with anything he knows the names of well enough to play around with them.

Another favourite joke is this: For a while he has liked to bring me or Loren our shoes if we are getting ready to go outside. But now he'll bring both shoes over, and while you're putting one on, he'll run down the hall and toss the other shoe in the corner out of sight. Then I'll go "Sebastian, where did my other shoe? Do you know where it is?" He thinks this is hilarious! Now he is doing variations of this game with socks, or just about anything where he can create an expectation that he is bringing us something, and then change course and go hide it somewhere instead.

This is taking me forever to post, so I'm just going to wrap up with a few photos from the previous month and call it a day.

 Reading books with Tutu. We think they must have been saying "roar!"

Checking out the bees with Grandpa at the honey shop near Lindale Farm. The shop had an indoor bee hive, covered in clear plastic, with a clear tube leading to the outdoors (that is what they are looking at here).

 Making bread with Sebastian. He's been into play-dough so I thought he might enjoy bread dough. I had never been brave enough to make bread before this. We both had a lot of fun with it!

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