Monday, 14 April 2014

Last week in pictures

 Sebastian in his monster PJ's riding his bee down the hall with his stuffed piggy

Loren and Sebastian looking out the window on the train. We usually go out to brunch on Sundays. Sebastian really wanted to ride in his stroller instead of taking the car, so we got him in the stroller and walked to the train station. We went into downtown Wellington and walked around and had brunch at one of the cafes at Midland Park.

 Last day of my circus aerials class. I asked a classmate to take pictures. I especially enjoyed the tissu (what I'm on in this photo). This is me in a foot lock - not the most flashy move, but one I am particularly pleased to be able to do. It involves tying a knot around one foot with the other foot while up in the air, and it took me all nine classes to be able to do it. In the back ground you can see the apparatus we spent the other half the class on: the static trapeze.

We have been coming up with rainy-day activities as we get on into Autumn. Tutu got Sebastian some water colours to play with.

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